Does the god exist?
I don’t know Julie…May be…Who knows?
So what do you think about him? I think he is none other than me and you…
May be Julie…..I might have to agree with you in this….Because I’m also so insecure, So agitated like you…
Das, you were always like this? Like this fragile doll, dangling in between two worlds?
I don’t know Julie….But I think the truth lies somewhere between my fantasies and realities… I was always a kite Julie…Without any destination…
Why don’t you marry…Did you love anyone Ever?
Don’t go there Julie….Please….
So I know by now…Yes you did….Ok I won’t go to uncharted waters….
I want to cry Julie….You made me cry…
Please do…May every teardrop will become pools of happiness….



2 thoughts on “

    • Hey wanderer 🙂
      Nice name and i am happy to find a name-sake as i am also a wanderer (But always in doubt about for what :P)
      Sorry for the delay and please keep coming
      cheers 🙂

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